incognito mode is a lot less secretive than you would expect

When you switch on incognito mode Chrome displays a message “Now you can browse privately, and other people who use this device won’t see your activity”But the reality is that Incognito offers no protection at all from website operators and advertisers you can – and will – be identified as you surf the web using Incognito modeAnything you search it will be saved in your Google profile for instance. Actually various advertising trackers use a technology known as ‘geolocation’ to figure out where you are will continue to track you across the web, especially when using your mobile phone So advertisers still know where you are They use this information to show you ads Incognito mode doesn’t provide any additional security protections can only remove cookies and delete your browsing history Many users believe Incognito mode provide additional security

be careful when you’re using the internet at work or school. you shouldn’t do anything you want to keep private on a work or school computer.they have tracking software that allows them to see what you’re doing, no matter whether you’re using incognito mode or not

You will be safe the best thing you can do is invest in a VPN and a password manager . This two will keep your identity safe and greatly improve your password habits, when you use this two comibinations it is much more difficult to breach your accounts .



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