How Tor Browser earn money?

A tor browser get funded in 4 sources

(A) Research funding from groups like the National Science Foundation to do fundamental research on privacy and censorship, including studying how to improve Tor’s performance and safety, and inventing new censorship circumvention techniques.

(B) R&D funding from groups like Radio Free Asia and DARPA to actually build safer tools. Different funders might have different audiences in mind when they help us make Tor Browser safer and easier to use, but they want the same things out of Tor Browser: in all cases we make all of our work public, and also remember that anonymity loves company.

(C) Deployment and teaching funding from organizations like the US State Dept and Sweden’s foreign ministry to do in-country security trainings, user-oriented documentation, and otherwise help activists around the world learn how to be safer on the internet.

(D) Core organizational support, primarily from individual donations (that’s you!) and the Mozilla match, to cover the day-to-day operations of the non-profit, and most importantly to let us spend time on critical tasks that we can’t convince a funder to care enough about.

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