How team owners make money in the ipl cricket (Indian Premier League)

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The BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) which started this IPL in the year 2008. So let us point down all the ways through which all the franchise and the BCCI earn money through the IPL.


1. Media Rights-

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Not all the channel can broadcast the live matches of IPL, they need to buy the rights from BCCI. So from 2008 to 2017 SET Max had the rights to telecast the Live matches and that cost them around 8200 crore for 10 years.

But soon the IPL’s popularity increased exponentially and from this year 2018 to 2022, Star Sports bought the rights with a shocking cost of 16000 crores that too only for 5 years.Just Imagine how popular IPL is..

2. Sponsorships-

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Ever wondered why everywhere you find Vivo IPL or earlier PEPSI IPL and DLF IPL , well this is because these are the companies who are the title sponsors of IPL .

So they have to pay a lot of money only to prefix those letters to ‘IPL’. VIVO had to pay 2200 crores for 5 year to become the title sponsor. Apart from that there are other sponsors like Paytm , Jio and TATA etc.

So at the end BCCI is getting around 20000 crores for 5 years, which makes 4000 crores per year. This is how BCCI earns , now from this money BCCI has to pay 40 % that is 1600 crore per year to all the teams . So each team will get 200 crores directly from BCCI every year no matter they win or they lose. This is called as Central Pool. So this is the 1st source of income for the teams.

Now the teams also earn a lot of money through sponsorship. Ever looked closely at the T shirts and Caps of players, you will find the name of number of companies on them. So these companies also have to pay a lot of money for that.

Look at their T Shirts and you will find the name of the sponsors for their teams.

Now coming to the third source which is directly from the audience, Consider any match occurring in a stadium with a capacity of 50000 with an average cost of 1000 Rs which sums up to 5 crore rupees. So the owner of the stadium has to pay some percent of that to the teams.

Apart form that the Team owners also have the rights to produce their own Merchandise like T shirts, Bags etc. So all these money from tickets and merchandises is around 5 to 7 crore.

Now the last but not the least , the IPL Prize money. According to reports, the winning team of IPL 2022 shall be receiving a hefty amount of 20 Crore Rupees. The runners up team will get 13 Crore rupees

2022 ipl cup

Here is Dhoni with the winning cheque -2021

Also along with all these , as per the rule of BCCI the team must pay at least 50% of the money earned from IPL to the Players.IPL is more than what you just see , its not just a league its more of a business.

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