Hijab Row: Kamal responds to hijab controversy

kamal haasan
Kamal responds to hijab controversy

Hijab Row: The hijab issue is shrinking Karnataka. Starting in Udupi, this raga is creating vibrations all over the country. Now it has spread from Karnataka to Madhya Pradesh and Puducherry. Hijabs are on the rise with controversy. The orange flag was hoisted on the campus of a college in Shimoga. The national flag was unveiled under the auspices of NSUI on the same pole in the same area recently. Actor Kamal Haasan reacts to the sound of hijab and kashaya scarves. He said the developments in Karnataka were creating a stir across the country. To this extent he tweeted on Twitter. Kamal commented that religious hatreds were being provoked among the students. The Karnataka issue should not reach out to neighboring states. “Everyone, including Tamil Nadu, needs to be more careful,” he said on Twitter.

The hijab controversy has led to intense tension in Karnataka. The state government has announced a three-day holiday for educational institutions. The High Court, which heard the case, made key remarks as to whose beliefs were theirs and whether the Constitution was God to them. Meanwhile, a key hearing was held in the Karnataka High Court on the hijab controversy. The High Court made it clear that they would respect the customs of all communities. Students are urged to exercise restraint on the road. The court adjourned the hearing on the hijab controversy to Wednesday. The Karnataka government has announced a three-day holiday for schools and colleges due to violence in educational institutions over the hijab controversy. This issue is also creating a stir across the country. On January 1, Udupi PU College did not allow young women wearing hijab to enter the college. If they wear hijab, we will wear orange scarves. Attending with some hijabs..others scarlet scarves turned into a whirlwind of laughter. Led to the latest violence. The baton charges went as far as launching tear gas.

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