hey they dance at Pawan Kalyan bheemla nayak movie theatre screening watch video

Bheemla Nayak: Power star Pawan Kalyan and Rana starrer ‘Bheemla Nayak’ is known to have a good talk show in all the centers where it was released. The commotion caused by Pawan Kalyan’s fans at the theaters is not uncommon. They are getting more and more happy with the hit talk for the movie. Dances, anointings for cutouts, and fireworks abound in theaters. The songs in this movie impressed the audience immensely. Taman provided super music for the film. Pawan’s fans are dancing to Bhimlanayak’s songs in theaters. In this sequence Pawan became one of the fans who became the famous music director Taimine, the drum specialist Sivamani.

Both the music stars were busy in the theater with Pawan’s fans. Yes! Tyman and Sivamani went to see a movie in a theater. When the song Lal Lal Bhimla came .. the screen went ahead .. and danced with the fans. The whole theater was abuzz with Pawan fans’ shouts. With the fans dancing in front of the screen along with them .. the hall turned into a mass fair. However, Taman himself posted the video on his social media account. Currently, the video is going viral, impressing the entire tribe. Taman also impressed by dancing in front of Tera to the song of Jai Balayya in the previous Akhanda film starring Balayya.

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