heroine Taapsee pannu marriage FIX


Taapsee Pannu: Beauty bhama Tapsee is one of the bhamas who got more craze in Telugu in less time. This short was introduced as the heroine in the movie Jhummandi Nadam which came under the supervision of director Raghavendra Rao. Vayyari Bhama captivated the boy with her beauty performance in the first movie. After that, she started making movies in Telugu. While excelling in Telugu, the sale also received good offers in Tamil. The saleswoman checked into Bollywood while continuing to be a busy heroine in Telugu and Tamil. This beauty who joined the opposite of the star heroines in a short time there too. However, Tapsee excels in preferring more lady oriented movies in Bollywood. Mastu is currently busy taking back to Buick projects in Bollywood.

Meanwhile, the news that the seller will not be getting married soon has been circulating ever since. It is learned that Tapsee fell in love with badminton player Matthias Boto. Her sister Shagun was introduced to Matthias Bo Tapsi by tax. That acquaintance led to a bit of love. Their love was also acknowledged by the elders. However, once again, the topic of this bridal wedding is circulating in Bee Town. Tapsee decided to get married and start a married life. It is rumored that the family members have also fixed a date for their wedding. This short made a movie in Telugu after Long Gap. Same with Mission Impossible. Directed by Swaroop RSJ, the film is set to release on April 1.

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