hero dhanush create that new record in ott platform


Hero Dhanush: The Kovid epidemic has slowed down. Digital releases continue to make a comeback as the theatrical business booms. A Kollywood hero is going to give a surprise by hitting a hat trick on the latest OTT Dias. He is the one who ends the feat that the two heroes missed. Who is that Tamil star .. Nanny dedicated her Silver Jubilee movie to digital screens in First Wave Time. In the second wave, Tak Jagadeesh was also OTT, while his mind was pressed. Natural star misses lucky hat-trick shot in OTT as Shyamsingh Roy mesmerizes bigscreen audience But in Kollywood, there is a lot of competition between the star heroes for this rest feat. Surya is a pucca commercial movie with an aggressive mannerism that will not give up on anything. The latest trailer is re-introducing the Lion Mark Mass Action Element in the Sun. In the past, Aakasham Nee Hadjura and Jai Bheem were super successful releases in OTT. But Sun Pictures has promised theatrical audiences that they will be coming on the 10th of this month.

Dhanush is another young Turk in Kollywood who is in non-stop touch with the digital audience. The action thriller Jagame Tantram directed by Karthik Subbaraj has been released on Netflix. Beatown Venture Atrangire, who co-starred with Akshay in the same year, also captivated the Hotstar audience. If cut .. In the Dhanush lineup, the third movie Maran is also going to OTT screens and shocking the fans. Maran is dedicating himself to Hotstar on the 11th of this month. Dhanush plays an investigative journalist in this movie directed by Karthik Narain. So. Dhanush is successfully completing the hat trick moment that Nanny and Surya missed. Telugu audiences are also being approached to work on the pun. Dhanush does not seem to have the anxiety that his theater market will be diluted if he continues to be a digital star.

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