Here are 10 reasons for “Radheshyam” negative talk ..!

Here are 10 reasons for "Radheshyam" negative talk ..!
Here are 10 reasons for “Radheshyam” negative talk ..!

Radheshyam is the latest movie starring Pan India star Prabhas as the hero. The film is directed by Radhakrishna. Radhakrishna became acquainted with the film Jill as a director. Although the film was not a huge success, Prabhas liked the story and told Radheshyam that it was okay. Radheshyam’s film based on the periodical love story ‘Palmistry’ has been released. The film, which was released with many speculations, is getting a mixed response.

However, there are some reasons why the film is getting negative talk. Let’s see . But none of the mass scenes are visible in Radheshyam. Even though the film is a love story film, the emotional scenes do not seem to be big. Especially Prabhas Pan India movie is going to the theaters with huge expectations from the audience.

But the failure to reach those expectations is also a factor. Although the film’s a visual wonder, the audience is disappointed that the storyline does not go well. This is also causing negative talk. On the other hand, even if the chosen concept is new, the feeling that the whole love story is old is also contributing to the negative talk of the film.

The audience feels bored as the story seems to be stretched. Audiences, on the other hand, are also disappointed that some scenes are without logic. However, this is only the opinion of a few people and different opinions are formed. So if you want to see a movie, it is better to go and see it.

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