gurthunda seethakalam trailer released on the occasion of valentines-day

gurtunda seetakalam

gurthunda seethakalam trailer released on the occasion of valentines-day

Gurtunda Seetakalam: Every man loves someone in his life. They tend to throw their minds somewhere. Life itself is a journey through many stages. School days, college days, jobs .. We come across various stages like this. At each stage the people of the mind are introduced. This is a boy who fell in love with four girls he encountered in his life. In the end who of the four was selected. Prema .. ‘Remember Winter’ is a film that opens with a different story of how it has brought about changes in his life. The film, which stars Satyadeva as the hero, is currently shooting fast.

Chitraunit has recently released a movie trailer to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Watching the two minute long trailer sounds like a good feel good love story. Every dialogue that comes in the trailer is mind boggling. The director seems to have very sensitively screened the story of who the hero, who loved Komali, Ammu, Divya and Nidhi in his career, finally chose as his partner. Coming in the trailer ..

Such dialogues as ‘Winter .. the time when the minds are wet and kissed in the snow .. the warm time when the breeze blows in the cold air ..’, ‘If you want to love with your mind, must you see with your eyes’ are impressive. Directed by Nagasekhar, the film stars Megha Akash, Kavyashetti and Tamanna opposite Satyadev. And watch the trailer with this beautiful love story ..

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