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Good friday 2022 quotes telugu whatsapp wishes status

Good Friday is a special day for those who believe in Christianity. Today is the day that Jesus, whom they considered to be God, was crucified.

Many people are surprised to see that Jesus is still alive three days after the crucifixion.Easter is celebrated on Sunday as a symbol of that happiness. The same practice has been practiced by Christians since then.

Good friday 2022 wishes images telugu

Good friday 2022 wishes images telugu
good friday 2022 telugu wishes images
good friday 2022 telugu wishes images with quotes
good friday quotes and images telugu
Good friday telugu wishes

Christ is the way of the cross, the way of salvation Christ, who loved himself as a good shepherd for the salvation of mankind who perished in sin, poured out his life on the cross for the sheep and gave the light of eternal life to those who are afraid of death. For two thousand years those flowers of light have been shining in everyone’s mind happy Good friday

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