God Father: Puri Jagannath into ‘Godfather’ sets .. Emotionally posted megastar

‘Godfather’ is one of the latest movies starring megastar Chiranjeevi in ​​the title role. It is a remake of the Malayalam movie ‘Lucifer’. Tamil director Mohan Raja is directing the film. Filming is fast-paced. Key scenes are being filmed. If Nayantara Chiranjeevi plays the role of sister in this movie .. Sathyadev is going to appear in the lead role. Bollywood star Salman Khan played a pivotal role.

At a recent JGM press meet, Vijay Deorakonda said that Puri Jagannath is going to dance with Chiranjeevi but did not say what movie he is going to star in. With this, it has been rumored for a few days that star director Puri Jagannath is also starring in The Godfather. Making the news come true, megastar Chiranjeevi announced the real thing on Twitter on Saturday.

“A boy from Narsipatnam came to Hyderabad to shine as an actor on the silver screen. One of them played the role of an ara. Said megastar Chiranjeevi.

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