Film producer Natti kumar viral comments on rgv

The court has stayed the release of Ram Gopal Varma’s latest film ‘Ma Ishtam’ (Dangerous) in Telugu and Katra in Hindi. Leading producer Nutty Kumar’s appeal to the city civil court has postponed the release of our favorite film scheduled for Friday. Nutty Kumar co-starred with him in some of the films made by Logada Varma and financed some of the films with his friends.

However, he repeatedly mentioned to Varma about the money owed to him, but to no avail. With that, producer Nutty Kumar held a press meet and got angry with Verma and producer Ramasathyanarayana. Speaking to the media ..

Nutty Kumar told a press conference at his office in Hyderabad that he understood how long Rangopal Verma had been trying to escape and evade money. Verma owes about Rs 5 crore 29 lakh to himself and all his friends.

We waited a long time for the money to come to them. After consulting with Varma, he promised to give Rs 50 lakh before the release of each film. To that extent the document was written. Nutty Kumar said that he finally tried to release the film without keeping his word.

The company set up a huge office in Mumbai. There he owed 12 crores. He ran away without paying the debt and met me. At that time I gave money from everyone. After that the office was set up in Goa where the Hyderabad office was lifted. He also got into debt there ..

The car driver also fled without paying the money and came to Hyderabad. Now putting another person on is revealing the period. If anything .. he is making threats by mentioning the names of mafia and political leaders in Mumbai.

There are many Varma victims like themselves. No film will make a profit from Wife of Varaprasad. Trying to immerse the producer in every film. Do I have the guts to prove that the allegations I am making are not true? I’m ready to come anywhere you dare.

Producer Ramasathyanarayana Tandana says for someone like Varma. He also told those of several cine unions that he was outstanding. From time to time, Varma made films with newcomers and made it his job to deceive them financially. Nutty Kumar said that two such thieves would be said to have the right mindset.

He said that they were leaving Hyderabad, Mumbai, then Mumbai, then back to Hyderabad, Goa and cheating them here. Nutty Kumar challenged Anna that she was ready to discuss where Verma would come from.

On the one hand, Nutty Kumar said that if the court imposes a stay on the release of a film of our choice, everyone will understand what kind of person Verma is, given that they are postponing the release of the film.

Meanwhile, Rangopal Varma took to Twitter to respond to the postponement of the release of our favorite film. RGV tweets .. We are postponing the release of the movie due to the non-cooperation of many theaters due to the lesbian subject in the DANGEROUS movie release subject.

Verma said in his tweet that he would look into how to deal with this injustice in all possible ways and then announce another release date later.

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