facebook releases bars option it looks like tiktok:you need to now abouthis

Facebook has come out with just the right tool for you Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team has launched a new app called BARS  there are apps like TikTok and Instagram that give creators and viewers new platforms to create and enjoy content in various formats.

Now, this app is budding for rappers come up with their creations using professionally tuned beats facebook BARS comes up with different levels of tools based on your rapping skills bars provides hundreds of professionally created betas on which you can create 60-second rap videos  There’s even an autotune feature in the app. Choose from a variety of audio and visual filters to take your creations to the next level.

bars manger DJ Iyer aka D-Lucks said in a blog post Bars has been developed as “a place for aspiring rappers to create and share their art,”BARS is currently restricted to a closed beta app in the US. Moreover, The app is still very limited though with availability only in the US, and that too in closed beta. There’s no word on whether this app will see an expansion to more markets.the app is limited to iOS devices. if u r ntrested in bars in u can follow their instagram Chanel.

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