DJ tillu hero sidhu jonnalagadda got the chance under the direction of purijagannath

siddu jonnalagadda

Siddhu Jonnalagadda: Young talent Sidhu Jonnalagadda made his entry as a hero with the movie Guntur Talkies .. This young hero who impressed the audience in terms of acting with the first movie .. Recently received a solid hit with the movie DJ Tillu. Along with this young hero acting, Youth fell in love with Attitude. DJ Tillu movie was released amid good expectations and became a super hit. Sidhu had a huge craze with the movie DJ Tillu. Sidhu, who is close to the audience with the success of this film, now seems to be making films on the same thrust. Talk is heard in Film Nagar that young directors are queuing up to make films with Sidhu. The young hero, who has been making films by choosing different stories from the beginning of his career, is still choosing the same kind of stories.

Sidhu is currently enjoying the success of DJ Tillu .. Now you are looking to read the movie sequel. Audiences are eagerly awaiting for the sequel of this movie as the songs in this movie along with the story of DJ Tillu have also become good hits. Sidhu is currently working on a new film. Following the completion of the film, DJ Tillu will be directing the sequel. The young hero is already in the process of finishing the script work for the film. Meanwhile, Kodai, Phillaur, says that the boy hero has now got a crazy offer. Talk that a Bada director is ready to do a film with Sidhu. Tollywood dynamic director Puri Jagannath’s eye is now on Sidhu. Manodi Attitude .. Puri is fed up with the timing .. News is heard that he is fixed to do a movie with Sidhu. Puri is currently working with Vijay Devarakonda on Liger and Janaganamana films. While preparing a story for Sidhu. As soon as these two films were over, Sidhu wanted to star in Puri. And the truth of the matter remains to be seen. Apart from these, Sidhu is also starring in the remake of the Malayalam super hit movie Kappela. Shooting for the film is also set to begin soon. Preparations are underway to bring this movie to the front of the audience later this year. Sidhu is on Full Josh with a series of films like this.

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