director sukumar great words about mahesh babu at sarkaru vaari paata pre release event

Star director Sukumar who was present at the pre-release event of Mahesh Babu’s ‘ Sarkaru Vari Pata’ movie .. praised Mahesh Babu for remembering ‘1 Nenokkadine’.

The movie ‘Sarkari Vari Pata’ starring Mahesh Babu and Kirti Suresh will be released on May 12. Parashuram directed the film. A pre-release event was held in Hyderabad on Saturday as part of the movie promotions. Director Sukumar, who was a guest at the event, shared his ‘1 Nenokkadine’ movie experience with Mahesh Babu.

I have never seen such a Mahesh Babu. Never done so jovially. I want to see it from now on .. Parashuram (Buzzie) was shocked.

Ever since the government saw the trailer of their song .. When should I watch this movie? Looking forward to it .. All the people who made this movie are the ones who want me well. Buzzie has known me since I was a kid. I like his dialogues very much .. Buzzie is the best dialogue writer out there right now. Tanu is one of the very few.

If you look at Gita Govindam .. it seemed like a director with sensitive art. In this movie, let’s see what it would be like if such a director made a mass movie.

Speaking of Mahesh Babu Gary .. I know .. he was the only one who gave me so much support in the film then. While filming with him .. the director will feel like a king. He gives so much confidence to the director. They are so supportive .. no matter what the director is .. come close to Sir and tell me how cute another take is as a kid .. I will never forget the experience of making one movie in my life. I will never forget .. gave me such a good chance. This movie will definitely be a big success. I am looking forward to you too ‘said Sukumar.

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