director ss rajamouli special meeting with mahesh babu

Director Rajamouli Bahubali wanted to bring RRR to the audience as soon as possible after the film. But it is known that the movie is being postponed due to Corona. Already that movie has been postponed 5 times. A plan is set to release in April anyway. Rajamouli Mahesh also seems to be setting a special plan for the film. Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu has never made a single film under Rajamouli’s direction. With this, it can be said that the expectations on the first film to come out in their combination are not normal.

ss rajamouli mahesh babu

Mahesh Babu has always wanted to do a film with Rajamouli. The combination of the two is that the film is more than Pan India. After Bahubali, it became very clear that whatever film director Rajamouli made, they would be in the Fan India range. Rajamouli, who has already turned three heroes of Prabhas junior NTR Ram Charan into Pan India Stars, is now planning to launch Mahesh Babu in a similar fashion. It is because of Rajamouli that these four heroes are stepping in the direction of dominating the Indian box office.

Rajamouli had originally wanted to focus on Mahesh Babu’s film only after the release of RRR but now he is ready to negotiate with Mahesh Babu once again as the release of the film is further delayed. Rajamouli seems to have made a sitting plan that it would be good to have a discussion with Mahesh Babu once on the script as well as the looks for the project.

He will hold a special meeting with his father Vijayendra Prasad with Mahesh Babu as well as the producer. Mahesh Babu also wants to be the same. Because Trivikram also wants to be busy with Rajamouli film which will be completed as soon as possible. And if Rajamouli says something in advance, Mahesh is looking to plan accordingly. Rajamouli wants Mahesh to start pre-production work on the film without delay. It seems likely that over 300 crores will be spent for that action adventure movie which will be screened in the backdrop of the jungles of Africa. Leading Bollywood actors and actresses will also be seen in the film.

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