Dimple Hayathi: I lost six kilos for that song .. Beauty who made interesting comments

Dimple Hayathi: Khiladi is the latest movie starring Maharaja Ravi Teja. The film is set to release on February 11. Directed by Ramesh Verma, the film stars Meenakshi Chaudhary and Dimple Hayati opposite Ravi Teja. It is known from the beginning that this movie is going to be a suspense thriller. Already released, the movie teaser, songs, all impressed the audience. Ravi Teja is playing two different roles in complete contrast to past films. With this the expectations on this movie are huge. Chitraunit has increased the speed of promotions as the release draws near. Recently heroine Dimple Hayati shared some interesting things she said. The seller said ..

dimple hayathi

I lost six kilos for that song .. Beauty who made interesting comments

Someone saw my photo on Instagram and sent it to the viewer. When I was told the story I knew it would be equal to Ravi Teja. Ravi Teja saw my photo and said that he sang in Gaddalakonda Ganesh. The seller said that he had learned a lot from the previous cast. He also said that if an item song is sung in Gaddalakonda, it will be the same again. After that, offers came in many movies. But she said she waited for a good movie to take some gap and prove herself as a actress. I can’t do item songs now. Dimple says I’ll think about it in the future. Luckily Ravi Teja got the chance to make films. In it I did three different songs. She did a full mass, glamorous roll song with a skirt. Khiladi as the actress says that the film is satisfying. At first, however, the character of Equal was terrifying. Saying this. Can’t take it! The suspicion was also raised. After making the film it seemed to me that what the director had said had been taken. If the action scene goes wrong the whole thing has to be my character. Such a character has never come before. Dimple Hayati said that there is a huge cast in it.

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