Devi Sri Prasad: Devi Sri Prasad shocking comments .. netizens on fire .. the real thing is ..

Devi Sri Prasad is one of the current music directors in the Telugu film industry. Apart from mass movies .. he has won the admiration of the audience by providing excellent music for class movies. He has composed lyrics for many super hit films in the Tollywood industry so far. But Devi Sriprasad is very following. Has been embroiled in controversy for the past few days. Devisree Prasad, who had made controversial comments on gods in the past, slipped his mouth once again. Mala tied the retention with the girls. You are wearing Swami Mala, Murugan Mala .. Heila, Mala, Sita Geeta opened up to another controversy as we go. Devi made these remarks to director Thirumala Kishore at the pre-release event of the movie Adavallu Mee Joharlu.

Sung good good. Tunes in all genres. But what’s this? What’s so significant about a goat’s mouth? He had thrown similar words at the gods in the past. O Antawa received a song linking to a song .. a devotional song. Devisree Prasad’s first movie is Devi. DSP started his career with a devotional film. He later rose step by step. Gave many hit albums. But forgot the roots. Did you know that his life would have been different if Anadu Devi had not done so? Fans are questioning that.

Every year a few lakhs of Swamimalas wear .. very holy initiations .. go to Sabari and give offerings. Not Ayyappa Mala .. There are many types of Bhaktimalas like Muruganmala, Saibaba Mala, Anjaneyaswamy Mala and Venkanna Mala. It is considered very sacred in the Hindu tradition. Devi says that there are no such comments on such a necklace. Many Hindu communities were incensed during the Pushpa movie controversy. Goshamahal MLA Rajasinghe was also angry with Devisriprasad. Aware of his mistake, Devisree Prasad warned that he would have to apologize or else the people of Telangana would be kicked out.

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