social media cold war between deepthi sunaina and shanmukh jaswanth


Shanmukh Jaswant, who participated in Bigg Boss Season 5, stepped into the house with a lot of craze in front of him. But he wrapped up a lot of negativity for a number of reasons, including his friendship with Siri. His girlfriend also says breakup. But Shanmukh, who has so far reacted once on the matter, has now become interested in sharing the video in a way that indirectly counters her. If you go into those details

Entering the title favorite of Bigg Boss Season 5, YouTuber and short film lead Shanmukh Jaswant spent the first six weeks at Bigg Boss House giving Moz Room K a limited week performance on a number of tasks. Shane, who is eager to sit for as long as the show lasts, pushes his helpless self over Jesse and Siri’s friendship. Bigg Boss Season 5 Trophy is expected to be the winner.

However, Shanmukh Jaswant’s fans were shocked by the end of the game. Shanmukh’s overaction with Siri has left television viewers waiting to see when he will leave the house. Until then, Shanmukh’s craze had all but fallen apart due to being a week in terms of tasks and not being able to mingle with other contestants, including his best friendship with Siri. As the ropes and kisses with Siri were not normal, it was learned that his girlfriend also gave him a hand and told him to break up.

Deepthi Sunaina

Social media is somehow running a Cold War between those who say breakup. Deepti, Shanmukh This thing makes sense if you look at the social media posts. Shanmukh recently posted a dance video. Shanmukh steps in with his dance master for the song ‘My Love Is Gone’ from the Allu Arjun Arya 2 movie.

There is also a heart symbol on the t-shirt worn by Shanmukh. Netizens believe that the song was deliberately done by Shanmukh as a counter to Deepti. Deepti is indirectly targeting Shanmukh. She is sharing her quotations on social media targeting Shanmukh. Recently, she has the quality of understanding people, and not an innocent person who can not detect deception ‘, a comment posted. Everyone thinks that this comment is meant for Shanmukh. Now Shan is said to have videotaped it as a counter to it.

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