Dalapati 66: Rashmika Mandanna got a chance in another crazy Pan India movie

Vamshi Paidipally – Dil Raju: It is known that Vamshi Paidipally and Dil Raju are making a movie with Kollywood hero Vijay. In this, Rashmi Mandanna will be seen as the heroine. The film unit has released a statement regarding this.

Rashmi Mandana offers the opportunity to see one by one in crazy projects. As a star heroine,it is a known fact that Rashmika Mandanna became the Pan India heroine with the blockbuster hit ‘Pushpa The Rise’ released last year. Anyway. Along with this Pan India movie, Rashmika Mandanna got a chance in another crazy Pan India movie. That crazy project is not something .. Dalapati Vijay 66th movie.

It is learned that Vamsi Paidipally will be directing the film, which will be produced by Tollywood star Dilraju. The official announcement of the project was also made. Pre-production work is in full swing. A few days ago a lot of names were heard on who the heroine was in this movie. 

Especially in the race the name of the rashmika mandana was heard though. But .. the news that she was recently put aside from Dalaipati 66 has been circulating outside. But confirming all the rumors, the makers have released confirming the name of Rashmika Mandanna as the heroine in the 66th movie.

Tuesday (April 5) is Rashmi’s birthday. On this occasion, her fans are happy that the makers have announced that she is the heroine of Dalaipati 66. Rashmika Mandanna is currently working on a movie in Bollywood with Mission Impossible and Amitabh. Apart from these, Ranbir Kapoor and Sandeep Reddy will also be seen in the upcoming animated film Combination. Along with all these crazy projects, Sandalwood Beauty has got a chance to act in a crazy project called Dalapati 66 now.

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