cinema news actor mohanbabu effigy burning in ongole

It is known that the Nai Brahmin communities and BC communities are incensed against the famous film actor Mohan Babu. Naga Sreenu, who has been working as a hair stylist for many years, has been accused of slandering her in the name of caste. Leaders of Nai Brahmin communities and BC communities are demanding that the Manchu family immediately apologize to Nagashree’s family in Ikram. Leaders of the Nai Brahmin community in Ongole have recently raised concerns over Mohan Babu’s stance on Nagashree. Mohan Babu tried to burn the effigy. However the police thwarted the attempt. Mohan Babu captured the effigy. On this occasion the agitators demanded that Mohan Babu immediately issue a public apology to the Nai Brahmins and the BC community.

Nai Brahmin leaders alleged that a theft case was registered against Manchu Mohan Babu and Nagashree, who had been working as a hairdresser for Vishnu for ten years, in Hyderabad a week ago. They say that Mohan Babu made Nagashree sit on his knees in front of the house workers and abused Nana for making offensive remarks about Nagashree on the recently released film Sun of India. Apart from that, illegal cases have been registered against him for stealing hair and dressing equipment worth Rs 5 lakh. Nagashree’s mother was hospitalized due to serious illness as she could not bear the harassment. The Nai Brahmin community leaders demanded that cases be filed against Mohan Babu and Manchu Vishnu, who had abused and abused Nagashree.

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