Chor Bazaar: National Best Actress Re-Entering The Silver Screen After 25 .. Second Innings With Aakash Puri Movie ..

Heaven is what love is all about ‘.. This heartfelt song is a favorite song of many. Whenever we remember this evergreen song from the movie Expectation, an innocent brain flashes before our eyes. She was the then beauty star Archana. The senior actress has received national awards for her beauty and performance as well as the accolades of many celebrities. Her Telugu films Nirikshana, Bharat Bandh, Ladies Tyler, Chakravyuham, Pachatoranam, Matti Manashulu etc. were very successful. The beauty star, who has been away from movies for a few years, is now back on camera. Will be making a re-entry to the silver screen after about five years. The same Puri Akash is playing the hero in ‘Chor Bazaar’. Information that Archana will play Akash Puri’s mother in this movie. Recently, the film crew released a video confirming this.

Akash Puri, son of Puri Jagannath, is making a name for himself as a hero by entering the industry as a child actor. The young hero, who plays Andhrapori and Mehbooba, had a good success with the film ‘Romantic’ last year. He got good marks in terms of acting. But now he is working to maintain his momentum. He is starring in the movie ‘Chor Bazaar’. Gehana Sippy plays the protagonist. Jeevan Reddy, who is well known for his films Dalam and George Reddy, is shooting. The film is being produced by Vijay Raju under the banner of Ivy Productions. Aakash Puri recently released the first lyrical song of the movie ‘Chor Bazaar’ in honor of his birthday. There was a good response to this.

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