children’s day 10 lines speech in english 2021


Children’s Day is observed every year on 14th November to celebrate the birthday to Pandit Jawaharlal

  1. We celebrate Children’s Day on 14th November every year with excitement and rigor.
  2. Children’s Day is celebrated on the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.
  3. He was the first prime minister of India and a great leader.
  4. He loved children very much.
  5. They called him Chacha Nehru because of the love to be used to shower in kids.
  6. Children’s day celebrations are done throughout the country.
  7. Getting sweets and gifts on Children’s Day is a craze for kids.
  8. Schools and colleges organize various events on children’s Day.
  9. Various competitions for children are held on this Day.
  10. Awareness among children for education is the motive behind the celebrations.

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