Bumper offer for Srimukhi .. Bonnie Kapoor crazy offer !!

Television anchors have become more and more popular on the silver screen in recent times. They are proving their talent on the small screen and making movies on the silver screen with double enthusiasm. Bada directors, on the other hand, are also pushing for offers for glamorous anchors. It was during this sequence that the anchor Anasuya took to the silver screen. Meanwhile, Bollywood star producer Bonnie Kapoor’s special interest in anchor Srimukhi has become a hot topic in a recent program.

Nizamabad Pilla Srimukhi first came into the movies and then became an anchor. She started her career as an actress with Allu Arjun starrer ‘Julai’. Now Ramulamma is attracting the audience with her anchoring on the small screen.

However, Srimukhi has given a statement that he will not be doing any more films in the meantime. Now Chiranjeevi is acting in ‘Bhola Shankar’. Bollywood bada producer Bonnie Kapoor and Yuvan Shankar Raja were the guests on the show ‘Sarigamapa The Singing Superstar’ which she is hosting recently. This beauty who made her tribe buzz with them .. ‘Sir .. Give me any offer as a heroine’ Bonnie asked Kapoor directly.

With this, the big producer gave a funny reaction to Srimukhi’s request. ‘In the South I would do a hero. I will take you as my partner ‘, he commented naughtily in front of everyone. Srimukhi immediately hugged him. The video clip is going viral on social media.

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