Bumper offer for Khiladi director .. Range Rover before the release of the movie!

Nowadays, it has become a new trend for producers to give expensive cars as gifts to directors who have made a profit by hitting a commercial hit in Tollywood. Until now, however, gifts have been given to directors after the film’s release. But even before the film’s release for the first time, giving that gift came as a surprise. Going into those details …


Meanwhile directors are making movies well and receiving remuneration as well as expensive cars. Mahesh Babu gave a car as a gift to director Koratala Siva after the movie I Am Bharat. Naga Shourya also gave a car as a gift to Venky Kudumula who got hit with Chalo and director Maruti also got a new car as a gift from Geeta Arts. The filmmakers also gifted a car to the Arex 100 director. Also, the car was given as a gift to the director Buchi Babu after the surge became a blockbuster.

However, all of them received the gifts from their respective producers after the release of the film. But now Ravi Teja Khiladi director Ramesh Verma has received a car gift from the producers before the Khiladi movie is even released. Ramesh Verma, who had a super hit with the blockbuster hit Ravi Teja and the monster movie with Crack, is making a Khiladi movie with producer Satyanarayana.

The Khiladi movie is all set to release on February 11. Khiladi, directed by Ramesh Verma, is coming out as a full action entertainer. In this movie Mass Maharaja appears in three different shades. It seems that the producers have spent a huge amount for the action scenes in the movie.

Already released songs have also created vibrations on the film. The film is said to be released in other languages ​​as well. In response to Pen Movies’ Twitter rights to Khiladi’s Hindi movies, the theatrical rights of the film have sold like hot cakes. Very happy with the positive vibes generated on this movie. On February 11, 2022, Khiladi revealed that the movie is coming to the audience.

It is reported that the film has acquired the Hindi theatrical rights to Pen Movies at a fancy rate. So the good producer in the Telugu market as well as in Hindi felt happy and gave a Range Rover as a gift to Ramesh Verma before the release of the film. Ramesh Verma received the car before the release of the movie.

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