Bubbly beauty Ashu Reddy Gave an unexpected reply for netizen unexpected request


Bubbly beauty Ashu Reddy Gave an unexpected reply for netizen unexpected request

Impressive beauty .. Mesmerizing performance .. Bubbly beauty Ashu Reddy has been buzzing on Telugu television for a long time with occasional glamor treats. The beauty, who was famous through Dubsmash videos at the time, has been a hot topic in both the states for almost five years.she has also gained immense following on social media. And, it has been looming without looking back ever since. At the same time, it is also accepting offers in a row. The latest in a series is Ashu Reddy’s live Instagram account. One of them asked this beauty could get up . Gave an unexpected reply to it. See those details for yourself!

Long ago the impact of Dubsmash videos was visible across the country. Through this many people became popular. Ashu Reddy is one of them. She has millions of followers who look like same Samantha to watch. With this, the movie ‘Chal Mohanaranga’ starring Bhama Nitin got a chance. After that came offers but no movies made.

Ashu Reddy went abroad after starring in Nitin. She hasn’t looked big in a long time since then. But, it was active through social media. It was during this sequence that the Biggest reality show was given a reentry by Bigg Boss. However, She surprised everyone by saying that there was a failure love story behind this.

Ashu Reddy has been a frequent hot topic for some time. This beauty who appeared to be in a relationship with Rahul Sipliganj after the Bigg Boss show .. going on a date with him and doing things like partying. After that the famous comedian gave the coloring that Express was continuing to flirt with Hari. She also bought him a costly bike and raised doubts.

In the meantime, Ashu Reddy has been rushing with a series of offers. Part of this was the hustle and bustle on the ‘Comedy Stars’ show. At the same time she became an anchor with the show ‘Happy Days’. It is currently buzzing with anchor Ravi. Apart from these, Ashu Reddy has appeared in special events and shows. And now Bigg Boss is going to make a re-entry into the show as well.

The rush made by Ashu Reddy on social media for a long time is not all. Through this, this beauty who is always in touch with her fans .. occasionally shares photos and videos. Most importantly, he is posting his admiration for Pawan Kalyan. With this, the number of followers of Ashu Reddy is increasing tremendously.

Ashu Reddy mostly shares photos and videos on social media. And, in the meanwhile, the beauty pageant is making a fuss. Recently, Bigg Boss fame Jaswant Padal joined Instagram Live. Many of these followers asked a variety of questions. A netizen commented on Ashu Reddy saying ‘Ashu .. let’s get up’.

Ashu Reddy shook his head not knowing what to say to what the netizen asked. She then unexpectedly replied ‘OK chill’. Screen shots of it are now going viral on social media. Many people are praising and commenting on Ashu Reddy who behaved soberly without expressing his anger over the netizens who got up.

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