Bollywood actress bhagyashree about prabhas radhe shyam movie


Bhagya shree: Pan India star Prabhas’ Radheshyam movie is being postponed due to Corona. It will finally hit the screens on March 11. Pooja Hegde plays the heroine in this film directed by Radhakrishna. The film tells the story of who wins the battle between love and destiny. In this movie, Prabhas will be seen as a palmistry expert. It is learned that Bollywood actress Bhagyashree will be seen in a pivotal role in the film. In this movie, she will be seen as Prabhas’ mother. Recently she said and shared some interesting things related to the movie. Bagya Sri said .. It is a great pleasure to do Telugu cinema after a long time. Director Radhakrishna said you have fans here then seemed very happy. Prabhas is a darling to everyone .. I am also a darling now. Bhagya Shri praised Prabhas as a very wonderful artist. And in this movie I am a young mother .. Talaivi – Radhe Shyam opportunities came at the same time. However, due to the corona, the film was delayed. She said it’s definitely a movie to watch in theaters.

Prabhas Amma in my role in the movie .. I also appear as a dancer in the movie .. I don’t like dance very much .. Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi are our tradition .. Everyone learns for many years .. But I do not have much time .. I had to learn in just 5 days .. said wanting that nothing wrong should happen. Also Prabhas used to give us a lot of delicious food sets. I know Prabhas from Mirchi and Bahubali. Prabhas maintains good relations. And I think my 32-year career is too short. Eat food well .. drink water well .. the current generation is looking to become slim .. using medicine .. to keep the natural beauty given to us by God properly. My husband is feeling that his wife is the biggest blonde in the world .. He wants to hide me in his house .. I still want to do Telugu movies .. The Telugu film industry is gaining a lot of popularity now everywhere .. I like the role of mother very much .. because I am also a Mother Ne .. I don’t have many scenes with Pooja anymore .. But, she is very sweet. Bhagya Sri says that he also speaks Telugu well.

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