Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Voting Results now about least contestant

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Voting Results

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Voting Results the bigg boss5 in now filled with full fun the audience are feeling good while watching their favouriate contestants performing the task in present task Hyderabad Ammayi, America Abbayi with Lahari Shari and Sreerama Chandra playing the lead roles a lateset promo off bigg boss show ravi has been given a secret task
tlook about the third wek nomianations 5 top contestants of the show including Sreerama, Maanas, Priya, Lahari and Priyanka Singh have been nominated this time repotedly lahari is the bottom spot of the voting listthe voting counts going viral on social medialooks like fans were not impressed with Sreeram’s attitude, which was even discussed on the weekend episode of the show hosted by Nagarjuna Akkineni. On the other hand, Priya’s accusations against Lahari during the nomination process might have impacted her vote count big time. For the uninitiated, the Venky Mama actress had stated that Lahari was busy with all the men in the house and claimed that she saw her hugging Ravi in the restroom at midnight. The two contestants were even seen condemning Priya’s claim and later requesting her to apologize citing that her statement might not go down well with their respective family members. Owing to incessant requests from their part, Priya finally apologized to their family for her remark.

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