Bigg Boss OTT Telugu: ariyana reverse counter shree rapaka

The Bigg Boss buzz has begun on the digital platform.we know that the show, which has so far entertained the television audience, is now on OTT with a grand opening on February 26 .. No Full Stop .. Non Stop Entertainment. Along with the former contestants as Warriors, the newcomers have entered the Bigg Boss OTT this time as Challengers. However, the Warriors .. Challengers are going to face. The Bigg Boss show will be streamed 24 hours a day on the popular OTT company Disney Plus Hot Star. The makers of the show have recently released a promo.

In the latest promo .. Bigg Boss twists that only a warrior with permission from Challengers can sleep in the bedroom every day. The Challengers stipulated that the Warriors should eat together in one place after the meal. The job fair was held under the auspices of the Challengers to decide who the Warriors members should work with. In this, a war of words was waged between Srirapaka and Ariana. In the interview, Srirapaka said that Ariyanadi was over acting. With this .. Ariana said that her attitude is not over acting .. If you like it, give her a job .. Only give statements, said the reverse counter. With this, it seems that there will be a war for Ariana and Srirapaka.

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