Bigg Boss OTT: Shock to the audience .. Stopped Bigg Boss non stop .. Managers who said the reason ..

bigg boss

There is nothing special to be said about the audience response to the Bigg Boss reality show. Bigg Boss show is more special than all the shows airing on TV .. This show which has successfully completed five seasons in Telugu so far .. is now making noise on the digital platform. No Comma on the popular OTT company Disney Plus Hot Star on the 26th of last month. No Full Stop 24 hours Bigg Boss Non Stop Entertainment Nagarjuna is also hosting the show. Not only the contestants but also the newcomers have made an entry in this Bigg Boss Non Stop Show. The number of viewers of Eisho is also high in OTT. Not only that, but the number of people who have subscribed to గంట Disney Plus Hot Star live 24 hours a day has skyrocketed. So far there has been a good response when it comes to streaming this show. In this order the audience was unexpectedly shocked last night by Saduru OTT.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; The launching episode that came to Nagarjuna earlier in the day was repeated again. In this order .. We are preparing the house to provide more non-stop entertainment .. Live will start again from 12 midnight on Thursday. The full episode will be released daily at 9 p.m. Scrolling is a must see. Changes will be made to the live content starting Thursday. Today’s episode will be aired tomorrow. That is, for the day of the broadcast .. There will be a gap of one day for the day of the event at home. Also .. along with the live streaming episode from Thursday night .. they are going to upload the highlights episode that took place throughout the day with an hour length.

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