bigg boss nonstop telugu ott march 2nd episode nataraj master fires on shiva

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  • bigg boss nonstop telugu ott march 2nd episode nataraj master fires on shiva

Bigg Boss Non-Stop: Bigg Boss housemates are changing by the minute like in previous seasons. They get into fights while talking fun to each other. Prostitutes say that Dhee means Dhee. With this, the cries and moans of the contestants became routine even in Bigg Boss Non-Stop. The same thing happened in Wednesday’s episode. Sarayu, who left home in the first week of last season, was in tears on Wednesday. Saryu cried in the hole as if she was looking at her own inability to do good. Hamida in particular was in tears as she always looked down on herself. With this Akhil went and tried to comfort her. Sarayu then went straight to Hamida and gave her a stern warning not to make jokes about her again. Anchor Shiva, on the other hand, continues to associate Pulihora with lady contestants. It seems that he praised Ariana as soon as he entered the house and then focused on Bindu Madhavi. He was constantly showering compliments on her.

In the captaincy task, there was a big battle between Akhil and Bindu Madhavi. He gave a warning to the heroine that he was physical but not normal. Nataraj‌ master on the other hand, the anchor worked almost as hard as Shiva. ‘Raw annavante leather teesta, see what peekutao,’ said the anchor, and the master bowed to Shiva. With this the rest of the contestants tried to cool them down. In the final, Mahesh, Tejaswi, Natarajan and Sarayu competed for the captaincy for the first week. And we have to see who will be the house captain.

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