Bigg Boss Non Stop: The girls’ focus is on the boy .. Bigg Boss who started the fight with the bad vibes

There have been a lot of comments that the way Bigg Boss started non-stop seemed very boring. But it must be said that the actual clash has not started yet. The first nominations then started with a lot of controversy. Nataraj Master in particular has been criticized for being as emotional again as in the past. Now Bigg Boss is going to create a new feeling among the contestants with a new kind of challenge called Good Vibes vs Negative Vibes. If you take a look at the latest promo that is going viral …

bigg boss ott

The past five seasons have also provided an hour of non-stop entertainment on TV and now OTT Hot Star is receiving 24 hours of non-stop entertainment through Bigg Boss. It can also be very difficult to guess what kind of plans are being made when. In a way watching 24 hours non-stop is not because of anyone but once Bigg Boss is connected people will follow the minimum live streaming without a gap.

From time to time Bigg Boss also gives new types of tasks to keep him interested. And some of those tasks can turn into friends and some into enemies. Recently the task Good Vibes vs Negative Vibes has also become interesting. It is good that everyone is mostly taking photos of a boy named Ajay.

bigg boss ott

Mumtaz Khan praised her saying that she had a positive vibe when she first saw Ajay. Even after that, Ariana praised Ajay for being so good towards Vibe. Ariana said with a smile that the spondylome in him was also very good. After that Akhil also said that bonding with Ajay seemed good and explained that Akhil wanted such people in the house as he was very well connected with him.

Bindu Madhavi also liked Tejaswini saying that she liked eggs with Madivada and liked them earlier. She was also given the tag Good Vibe. After that Ashu Reddy hugged Hamida but felt good. Hamida gave a good vibe tag to Ashureddy who said that she had got a good friendly vibe since the girl came into the house.

bigg boss ott

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