Bigg boss non stop telugu ott february 28th episode first week nominations-

Bigg Boss is the biggest reality show on television. There is nothing special to be said about the craze for this show. Currently in Telugu OTT, Bigg Boss entertains the audience with non-stop. The show, which started on the 26th of last month, features contestants from previous seasons as Warriors and newcomers as Challengers. The nominations for the first week went well. The nomination process started with the anchor Shiva first. Nominated the first Shiv Sarayu. Anchor Shiva said that he was nominating her for not talking to him properly. And after that .. he nominated Mumtaz Khan. Shiva said he did not like being serious about me because of the language problem.

And after that .. Mishra nominated Ariana. Nataraj Master was then nominated by Mishra Sharma. RJ Chaitu, who came later, nominated Hamida. He said the reason was that Vibe was not coming with her. The second nomination was made by Nataraj Master. If I eat .. react too much. If I put rice .. even if I take eggs extra .. he will feel. RJ says he does not like body shaming.

Ajay Nataraj nominated the Master. He then nominated Sarayu. Afterwards, Srirapaka nominated Ariana and said that she did not like overconfidence. The second nominations nominated Mumtaz. Then Anil Rathod .. There was a quarrel between the two with the nomination of Nataraj Master. Nataraj Master said, “How many people have you saved? Then I will speak.” The second nomination was nominated by Sarayu. After that Bindu Madhavi nominated Akhil and Nataraj Master. Anchor Sravanti .. Nataraj nominated Master.

Nataraj Master, Sarayu, Mumtaz, Hamida, Ariana, Mitra Sharma and RJ Chaithu were nominated for the first week overall.

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