bigg boss non stop telugu host nagarjuna remuneration stuns you

The Bigg Boss reality show stands as a carafe address to controversies. Being a presenter for such shows is a very tense task. Be the host in the safe zone as much as possible to avoid conflicts. It can also be said that hosting a reality show like Bigg Boss in particular is like a sword on a leash. Junior NTR Nani, who was originally the narrator, was also under intense pressure to not be able to continue again. And Nagarjuna, even in his sixties, is still trying to do justice to his hosting as cool. The level at which he is being rewarded for his Bigg Boss non-stop show airing on OTT this time around has also become a topic of discussion. Once you go into those details ..


There were a lot of comments at the beginning as to whether the original Bigg Boss show in Telugu would be a success or not. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Since then, Junior NTR has been trying to keep the movies on one side and the reality show on the other. But that did not continue after that. Nani, who came in after that, also said goodbye to one season.

It has to be said that Nagarjuna, who has been going on since the third season, has once again done the show proper justice with his way of thinking. While making movies on the one hand he continued the reality show very cleverly on the other. It is good that Nagarjuna is continuing the Bigg Boss show without getting any restraint and without getting negative comments about himself.


There have been a lot of comments that Nagarjuna may not appear again after the third season. But even until the 5th season after that he proved to be the best host. Nagarjuna is once again getting ready when it comes to Bigg Boss OTT. The show, which runs for eighty-four days, will be streamed live 24 hours a day.

But the fact that Nagarjuna is being rewarded on a scale for this show has also become a topic of discussion in the industry right now. According to the current talk, Nagarjuna is reportedly receiving between Rs 8 crore and Rs 9 crore for Posho this time. Nagarjuna, who in a way earned over Rs 10 crore for television Bigg Boss, is now reported to be receiving a slightly lower, business-like level of reward.

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT

Some of the 17 contestants who came into the house this time have already participated in Bigg Boss shows. The newcomers were divided into Challengers and Warriors. This time the contestants are .. Ashu Reddy, Mahesh Vitta, Mumtaz Khan, Ajay, Anchor Sravanti, RJ Chaitu, Ariana, Naitraj Master, Srirapaka, Model Anil Rathod, Actress Mitra Sharma, Tejaswi, Sarayu, Shivam, Yankir , Akhil Sarthak steps into OTT Bigg Boss as contestants.

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