Bigg Boss Non-Stop: Non Stop Entertainment Launches .. Bigg Boss OTT Hungama Begins.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop: The reality game show Bigg Boss is now set to entertain as an OTT platform. The Bigg Boss show, which has already successfully completed five seasons, is now here to entertain us non-stop.

Bigg Boss OTT started with Nagarjuna as the host. The grand launch event broadcasts began Saturday evening at 6 p.m. This time the photo will be streamed on OTT with 24 hours of entertainment.

A total of 17 contestants took part in it. 85 The curiosity about how the non-stop Big Boss OTT Hungama is going to be is now starting to creep into everyone.

This time Bigg Boss House is very special. Compared to the previous Bigg Boss houses, this time the Bigg Boss house has been beautified.

This time Mumtaz Khan – Akhil Sarthak – Ashureddy – Hamida – Sarayu – Ariana Glory – Mahesh Vitta – Anchor Sravanti Chokkarapu – RJ Chaitu – Anchor Shiva – Anil Rathod – Mitra Sharma – Ajay – Bindu Madhavi – Bum Chick Bablu will be entering the show.

Nagarjuna made his entry with the beautiful girls first. Introduced what Bigg Boss House looks like .. Afterwards everyone is called up on stage.

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