Bigg Boss Non Stop: Ashoreddy cried alone at night .. no one support ..

ashu reddy

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Show (Bigg Boss) ఆ It is known that it stopped at midnight on Wednesday. The show has been streaming since 9pm last night. In addition .. It is known that the organizers have announced that an hour-long episode will be streaming like highlights of certain events of the day. It is known that the captaincy task is going on in the house of Bigg Boss. The match between the Warriors and the Challengers will be a hora hori. There was already a house heat atmosphere with riots in the Bigg Boss house. The organizers have recently released the promo for yesterday’s episode.

Bigg Boss offered to select two captaincy contenders from the Warriors team. Tejaswi and Nataraj wanted to select Master Ariana. Sarayu .. Hamida .. Akhil suggested names. Also .. Ashuku Mumtaz and Mahesh supported. Bigg Boss announces that Ariana and Akhil are vying for the captaincy. This made Ashu Reddy feel. Mumtaz and Mahesh were the only ones who supported her .. who did not .. she cried alone at night as if she would try again next week.

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