Bigboss ashu reddy kissing ariyana glory waist Netizens are excited by this

ashu reddy ariana

Bigboss ashu reddy kissing ariyana glory waist

Netizens are excited by this

Bigg Boss reality show entertains the audience in any range and brings good popularity to the members involved in the show as well. Those who were familiar with some of the categories before the show came on are owning a craze that is nowhere to be found as soon as they step out of the house. Gaining popularity on the one hand and four hands on the other, However, the latest photo of Ashu Reddy kissing Ariana’s belly has become a sensation. If you go into those details

Ariana Glory’s name was not well known till now but now the name after Bigg Boss entry is well known to everyone. In addition to that Jim brought more fame with interviews with Ram Gopal Varma.

Visakhapatnam girl Ashu Reddy has gained craze on social media with Dubsmash videos.jr Samantha is also known as Junior Sam in the videos she made. With this popularity, the heroine took on the role of a friend in ‘Chal Mohan Ranga’ starring Nitin. So Bigg Boss made the cine entry and took the offer. Silent while in the house but then fell in love with Bigg Boss winner Rahul became more famous with speculations.

both roared on stage. Didn’t they say who they were specifically. One is Remo Ashureddy, the other is Ariyana Glory. Ashu Reddy made a name for herself as a Bigg Boss 3 contestant while Ariana Glory impressed the audience in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. The two are good friends outside, although they do not meet at the Bigg Boss House.

However, it is known that those who went to Bigg Boss then participated in a series of shows. Also trying to get more craze on social media after coming out. The photo posted by Ashu Reddy on his Instagram has now become a topic of discussion. Ariyana and Ashu seem to have performed together for a song on the show Something.

I don’t know if he did it on purpose or not but Ashu Reddy kisses Ariana wist. Ariana is ashamed of it. This photo was taken by someone and shared by Ashu Reddy on his insta. also posted a comment along with a photo of Ashu Reddy saying that it is the same infinity expression as the infinite nature. Netizens are excited by this and are making comments they like.

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