Bheemla Nayak Trailer: Power Storm has arrived .. Trailer by Bhimlanayak starring rana daggubati nithya menen

bheemla nayak 7

Bheemla Nayak: The movie unit has given a catchy treat to Pawan die hard fans who are feeling that the Bhimlanayak pre-release event has been postponed. .. now released the trailer keeping that word. Bhimla Nayak released the trailer a while back. The movie unit that said before to be ready for Power Storm.. cut the trailer in the same range and made fun of the fans. Bhimlanayak vs Daniel Shekhar… Director Sagarke Chandra has designed a story that connects ego to Brahmasmi and saves the ego without tying the knot. Trivikram’s impression is clear on the screenplay. The 135 second trailer tells what Bhimlanayak’s stamina is. Pawan fans say that the existing records will be broken with this trailer.

Set to fit more than the Malayalam original. However, the producers have also put a full stop to the dilemma of whether the now-defunct pre-release event will happen again or not. Bhimlanayak’s movie is all set to release worldwide on February 25. With the release date approaching, Chitraunit has increased the speed of promotions. The already released eMovie songs, posters and glimpses have impressed the audience . The postponed pre-release event will be given a gap of two days.

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