bheemla nayak fame samyuktha menon alert there fans about fake twitter on her name

Samyuktha menon: The distance between celebrities and the common man has narrowed since the advent of social media. The movie stars had the opportunity to share their details directly with the fans. With this, the fans are also following on a large scale. In this context, some people are creating fake accounts in the name of celebrities. With this, these fake accounts are also gaining thousands of followers. It is already known that fake accounts have been created in the name of many movie stars. Recently, Malayalee muddugumma Sanyukti Menon has also joined the list.

The beauty star who was introduced to the Telugu screen through the movie Bhimla Nayak starring Pawan Kalyan as the hero hit the ice marks with her performance. The US, who teamed up with Rana in the film, is fed up with her acting. With this, the seller got a series of offers in Telugu. Following this, the following on social media also increased for the US

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