Bheemla Nayak: ‘Bhimla Nayak’ took me one step further. Increased the responsibility on me

‘Bhimlanayak’ is a film produced by Sithara Entertainments in the combination of Pawan Kalyan and Rana. Directed by K.Sagar Chandra, the film has a screenplay by Trivikram. Suryadevara Nagavanshi is the producer. The film, which was recently promoted to the audience, is raining down revenue with its blockbuster talk. Director Sagar Chandra spoke about the success of the film. Those things are in his words ..

During the first lockdown, producer Vamsi called and talked about ‘Ayyappanum Koshiyum’. He was asked to comment after watching the movie. We want to call again in a few days and make this movie. Are you interested? I’m okay Anna. After that the journey started with Trivikram Gari. ‘How do we do that. What changes can we make for the Telugu audience? ‘ After that, with the arrival of Pawan Kalyan and Rana, we proceeded to be more exciting. It was a great feeling to hear Pawan Kalyan’s name in the project. It has been difficult for years to direct him .. caliber‌, planning‌, creativity .. I do not think it will happen. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Not everything happens as planned.

What changes have been made?

Sit down in discussions with Trivikram and first discuss how to change the role of Koshi to Bhimla. The original forgot that it was a remake. We focused more on the main story, the commercials, the balancing of the Pawan-Rana characters. Trivikram had earlier said that the remake rights should work as if it was taken by someone else. Although he seems to have almost reached what he said. Unlike the remake, many are asking that some scenes from the original not be shot on Pawan Kalyan. Putting all the scenes out there makes a difference to our story telling. That is why we have checked what the Telugu audience wants .. what scene is happening.

This is my first time directing Star Hero .. Is it easy for you? Is it difficult?

It depends on our mind set. Trivikram is a senior in writing or directing. His advice is a must for any technician! Working with two Stars is like a war. How much we own it. What we have done is important for the output to come out well. Without his cooperation, the film would not have become such a big hit. The protagonist and Danny are both strong characters so you are on the screen .. those characters looked like Nena. I am very happy with the name and recognition that comes from doing ‘Bhimlanayak’.

What did Pawan Kalyan say before and after the start of the film?

Meet the artist on the set of ‘Vakilsab’. Then the court room is doing the scene. Speaking about the film, he said, “Well done. Work responsibly.” That’s all we worked with energy. Everyone knows the journey after that!

What has changed in you as a director of three films ..?

I don’t know anything other than the quest to make a movie during ‘Ayyare’. Production‌ How to do .. How to proceed .. I do not know anything. Acquaintances with ‘Okadundevadu’ grew and some awareness came. Made a step forward. And ‘Bhimlanayak’ took me one step further. These three movies made me sleepy.

After such a huge success, the industry and the fans are receiving praise. How does it feel ..?

If a film is a success, it would be surprising if the film team would say, “The acquaintances .. the unknowns make phone calls and praise.” Laughing at how people know their number. Now it’s logical. I had that experience recently. Many call and appreciate. After watching the film, directors like Sukumar, Harish Shankar, Surender Reddy and Krish phoned and said that it was a commercial hit. That’s a great memory.

What is the role of Chinnababu behind this success ..?

Chinababu, Vamsi have become very special people in my personal life. His support for filmmaking is unforgettable. Take care without knowing the difficulty. Corona was late for the shooting and we got in trouble. But we did not bother with anything else. Chinababu took care not to let any trouble get to us. The film is set to release in Hindi soon.

Want a movie with a star that means a strong story? Did you get a hit movie in Malayalam with the theme ‘Ego’?

It depends on the regions. Our stories are tailored to the taste of our audience. The span of our movies over and over is huge. There will be stories to suit it. Changes and additions are added. There will be a glamorous look.

The directors have the idea to tell a new story. Did it seem good to have such an opportunity with this movie?

Have a lot more career‌. Should receive many opportunities. This time I will definitely make a straight movie. Before the movie ‘Bhimlanayak’, a movie was announced with Varun Tej in a 14 reels plus banner. It went sideways as the expected budget crossed. Then we have to see if we can do it with that story .. if we can do another one.

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