Beast’ vs. KGF2:Beast’ vs. KGF2 on Race at Box Office

Almost two years have passed since the competition for two huge films at the box office. All the film industries market down do to the corona With that, the filmmakers are bringing their film to the box office with certain estimation solo date in mind. Fans would have been doubly excited if the films were once released with competition. But, now things have changed. Two medium budget movies are being fixed with mutual understanding to be released on the same date or one day at a time.

Rajamouli also looked forward to releasing the RRR film directed by him for at least two weeks without another high film competition. However, now the other star heroes are going to be in the ring to see whose potential is at the box office with their movies one day apart. Beast is the latest movie starring Tamil superstar Talapathi Vijay as the hero.

Most Wanted Beauty Pooja Hegde opposite Vijay as the heroine. Produced by top producer Kalanidhi Maran on a hefty budget, the film is set to release on April 13 on a massive scale.

 KGF Chapter 1 sequel KGF 2

Sensational director Prashant Neil’s action movie KGF Chapter 1 sequel KGF Chapter 2 is set to release on April 14 with Kannada rocking star Yash as the hero. Yash – Prashant Neil combo, which has already got a huge craze all over the world along with the southern languages ​​with Part 1, is highly anticipated with the coming of the part.

It is known that the KGF movie teaser which came out last year has created new records. Vijay is now No. 1 at the box office with a string of successes. The last film Master was also a solid success. So now there is going to be a huge competition in the South between these two heroes. It remains to be seen who will become the box office king after receiving a hit at the Pan India level.

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