Andhra Pradesh: Good news for Tollywood .. Committee reports that it would be better to increase ticket rates

telugu film ticket pricing
telugu film ticket pricing

Tollywood: Good news for Tollywood. It is better to increase ticket prices in movie theaters, according to a report by a committee set up by the AP government. According to the report, there will be an increase in rates in theaters soon. What is the report given by the committee so far .. This is the TV9 exclusive information now. Yes, according to the report given by the committee to the government, there is no big difference in the rates of multiplex tickets. According to the report, the minimum ticket price should be Rs 30 in any area, non-AC theaters (Movie Theaters) anywhere. According to Jivo No. 35 it is only 5 rupees. That means now, according to the committee report, an additional Rs 25 is going to be added. It also reported that the maximum ticket price of Rs 15 in non-ACs should be increased to Rs 70.

In the case of AC cinema halls .. According to Jivo No. 35 given by the government, the minimum is Rs 10 and the maximum is Rs 20 for gram panchayats. In the same city panchayats the minimum is 15, the maximum is 35, in municipalities the minimum is 40 and the premium ticket rate is 100. According to the calculations of the committee to revise these rates, the minimum in an AC theater should be Rs. Permission should be given to raise a maximum of Rs 150. I mean .. what was once thought to be the highest in AC theaters is now going to become the minimum rate. In the case of multiplexes .. Top to bottom is not the only ticket .. Premium, deluxe, economy class must be exactly what the committee said. Multiplexes already have the highest price of up to Rs 250, according to Jivo.

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