Andhra Pradesh: AP Sarkar good news for Tollywood .. Rising ticket rates .. geo issued may be today or tomorrow..


AP Government: The controversy over movie ticket rates is running in Andhra Pradesh. Although it started as usual, it later took on a political color. In a word, there was a war of words between the Janasena-YCP. The issue went to peaks with Pawan vs. Name Nani Comments. Meanwhile, megastar Chiranjeevi made an entry. Once in person, once again in a group and met with CM Jagan. Chiru said that by that time the good news would be heard by the end of February and a decision acceptable to all would be reached. Similarly, good news is coming to Tollywood from the AP Government. The hike in Movie Ticket Rates in AP is almost over. The Jagan government will issue a new rates today or tomorrow. It seems that prices have been finalized without embarrassment to the audience as well as the film industry. The movie ticket committee report has already reached CM Jagan. Authorities say it is likely to come today or tomorrow.

However, a petition was filed in the court on this dispute. The final verdict has not yet come. Once the rates fixed by the committee are submitted to the court, there is a chance that Jivo will be released with the permission of the court. It seems that the minimum price has been fixed at Rs 40 and the maximum price at Rs 140. Information that Panchayats and Urban Panchayats are being brought under the same category. The rates will be determined by the Municipalities and Corporations as Non AC, Air Cool and AC Theaters in all the three categories. It is learned that the minimum has been fixed at Rs 40 in non-AC theaters and Rs 70 in AC theaters.

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