Anchor anasuya play dual role in raviteja khiladi movie


Anasuya is one of the current top anchors on television.Anasuya has reached out to the television audience through Jabarthasth comedy show .. Family Audience. continues to top the television anchor .. on the silver screen. Sukumar .. Ram Charan (Ram Charan) in the role of Rangammatta in the movie Rangastalam which came in the combo. Anasuya’s performance in the role of Rangammatta in this film . And after that a series of offers became so busy on the silver screen.

Recently, Allu Arjun movie Pushpa Dakshayani in the lead role. Anasuya once again played the role of Dakshayani in this movie. Yankaramma surprised the audience by appearing in a different look. An interesting update about the latest Anasuya next project is being heard on Netflix. It is known that Anasuya is acting in the movie Khiladi starring Maharaja Ravi Teja. However, according to the latest information, Anasuya is going to do a dual role in this. One of them is a rebel and the other is a Brahmin girl. However, there is talk in the film circle that if one of the characters dies, another movie will be interesting till the end. As a whole, Anasuya has created a special image for herself in the film industry by constantly choosing the newest challenging roles as an actress.

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