Anasuya: not Women’s Day is’Happy Fools’ Day’ .. Anchor Anasuya Tweet .. Netizens trolling


Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world by women. The Telangana government, however, has also announced a special holiday for all women government employees working in Telangana. Celebrities are also revealing Women’s Day greetings on the occasion of Women’s Day through their social media accounts platform. This time a tweet made by Anasuya became a sensation. Fools’ Day is not a day for jealous women who usually make controversial tweets. If you go into those details

Anasuya Zabardast, who started her career as a newsreader and later became an entertainment anchor, gained immense craze in a very short period of time. She started her career as an anchor after giving birth to children and soon rose to the top position among Telugu anchors. Seeing her craze, the producers also gave her opportunities in movies.

Anasuya, who earlier played a minor role in Nagarjuna’s Soggade Chinninayana, later went on to play the role of Rangammatta in Rangasthalam. Although she was not a minor character, she impressed by acting in her own style. After that she came up with two or three films in the lead role but none of them came together big enough for her.

Recently, she impressed the Telugu audience once again by playing the role of Dakshayani in the movie Pushpa directed by Sukumar starring Allu Arjun as the hero. Until now, she was limited to glamorous roles, but she impressed everyone by playing a different role in the movie Pushpa.

However, Anasuya, who is very active on social media, is prone to trolls reacting to certain things. This is something you have also responded to on many occasions. However, as it was International Women’s Day, all the meme pages and troll pages uploaded photos saying Happy Women’s Day and she countered.

‘Oh! This is the day when every troll, meme maker suddenly starts to respect women. Ends in 24 hours. So all women except! Happy Fools Day. Pumpkin thieves can be seen in the comments. However, some people like her comments and support her. Some did not like it and started trolling her again. They are replying to the tweet that it is not right to comment like this.

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