Anand mahindra: Anand Mahindra intreseting tweet on director Nag Ashwin ….

Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra is very active on social media. From time to time he expresses his thoughts on society. Anand Mahindra also reacts to viral videos and news. Netizens are now interested in his posts. Anand Mahindra conveys his thoughts on every little aspect that comes to him from the countryside to overseas. Recently, Anand Mahindra showered compliments on Tollywood director Nag Ashwin. About the recent Project K movie, the technical department wanted a brilliant engineer who wanted to be bold in producing cars. It is learned that Nag Ashwin tweeted tagging Anand Mahindra for your help.

Anand Mahindra also responded to Nag Ashwin’s tweet. Introduced the Head in his company. Also .. he said that if he meets his team they will help in all ways. With this, Nag Ashwin recently visited Anand Mahindra Research Valley and was pleased with the atmosphere there. Immediately on his Twitter account, Anand Mahindra Research Valley said that it was amazing .. that it was like being with nature ..

Mahindra and his team were very happy to start this new journey. Nag Ashwin tweeted, “Thanks to Anand Mahindra Sir.” However, Anand Mahindra responded to this tweet. Truth be told .. you told me about this project .. Saif made me very anxious about this movie. Anand Mahindra tweeted that he understands that you are going to beat Hollywood.

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