allu arjun praises singer sid sriram

It is known that the songs sung by young singing sensation Sid Shriram in ‘Ala Vaikunthapuramulo’ and ‘Pushpa’ movies starring Allu Arjun are trending. However, Bunny, who has not mentioned anything about Sid Shriram till now, has recently showered praise on him as a social media platform. If you go into those details

allu arjun praises singer sid sriram

Allu Arjun is in full form with his new movie Pushpa super hit. The songs of the film were also a hit throughout, especially the Srivalli song which became a sensational hit in both Hindi and Telugu. In Telugu, the song was sung by Sid Shriram and a long time later Pushpa Allu Arjun mentioned in his post that he was fed up with the way Sid Shriram sang ‘Srivalli’ in a pre-release event without any orchestra. He also said, “He does not need music … he is music.”

To this end, Allu Arjun released a letter on social media. ” I wanted to say this when it’s a bit too busy. My brother Sidh Sriram sang the song ‘Srivalli’ at the ‘Pushpa’ pre-release ceremony. He started the song without any musical instruments. I’m still waiting to see if the music behind his song will start. But, the music could not start. Without any music .. singing the song. Surprised. Mine looked awesome. He doesn’t work with music .. he is music ” said Allu Arjun.

Sid Shriram who responded to this .. said thanks to Bunny saying that I feel it is a real honor. He also said that he is looking forward to singing more good songs for Bunny. But all is well and now the trolls are trolling Sid Shriram. That is, Sid Shriram is a Tamil singer who grew up in America. So, his Tamil and Telugu accent is a little different.

His way of pronouncing Telugu literature has been criticized by some Telugu music directors, including the Telugu audience. At the floral pre-release event, Sid was trolled at the time for mispronouncing a few words. But at the time the matter was not much highlighted. Everyone forgot about Asanga. Now that Allu Arjun has brought out that topic once again, many are trolling him mentioning the mistakes made by Sid

On the other hand, Allu Arjun is also being trolled for praising Sid. They are questioning how those who always mispronounce the words Telugu Nativity are being encouraged like this. Adults, however, say that there are no language barriers to art. So some say that this matter should not be taken too seriously.


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