Sorry .. I’m sorry! Akshay Kumar’s letter goes viral

Pan Masala brand promoting their brand with Bollywood star hero Akshay Kumar has drawn a lot of criticism. Akshay Kumar thought about this and withdrew from the ad and made an official statement.

Making quotes through brand promotions is another income source for movie stars. Big company owners are interested in promoting their brands with well-known star heroines. To this extent, crores of rupees are spent on doing ad shoots with heroines. It was in this context that O Pan Masala brand promoting their brand with Bollywood star hero Akshay Kumar drew a lot of criticism. Akshay Kumar thought about this and withdrew from the ad and made an official statement. It was posted on social media stating that he would not add that pan masala anymore.

Akshay Kumar, who is already a brand ambassador for several companies, has recently signed a contract for promotions for a tobacco company and has done ads for the company. This has led to severe criticism of these ads. Akshay was trolled for saying that it is not right to be a celebrity and do such tobacco related ads that affect health. Akshay, on the other hand, backed down after receiving several requests from fans for doing similar ads. He also apologized to the fans, saying that the contract was being terminated.

Akshay Kumar, who posted on social media to this effect, said that he will continue to deal with such matters in the future. ” I’m been very impressed with the response from you over the last few days on my tobacco ad. No more promoting tobacco products. I am leaving Vimal Ilaichi. Although I apologize to all my fans. Your love should always be with me, “Akshay wrote in a letter on Instagram.

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