Ramya who was going to be hit with a shoe.. Naresh accused of bringing a new name on the screen

Actor Naresh and actress Pavitra Lokesh’s affair which has become a hot topic is taking more turns. Recently, Naresh’s wife Ramya Raghupathi tried to attack Naresh and Pavitri Lokesh, who were staying in a hotel in Mysore for the shooting of a film. After that Naresh made many sensational allegations. In this sequence, another new name was brought to the screen, Naresh. Going into the details

There are various rumors that Naresh-Pavitri Lokesh is married and living together. However, they are not directly responding to this matter but they are responding indirectly in such a way that some truth is not true. Both have released separate videos and accused Ramya of doing all this to get her but they are not trying to give clarity on whether they are really living together or just good friends.

When Ramya came to know that Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh, who had gone to Mysore, the hometown of Pavitra Lokesh, for the shooting of the film, had also taken a room in a hotel, she took the media representatives of a local channel to the area. When Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh were staying outside the hotel room, she was knocking on the door for a long time and Naresh immediately called the police. Police brought Ramya Raghupathi and Naresh Pavitri Lokesh out of the place safely as she was told that her life was in danger.

At that time, the videos of Naresh throwing Ramya Raghupathi’s sandal on Pavitra Lokesh came out. But after that, when Naresh got into the car and was leaving from there, he again made sensational allegations while talking to the media representatives. Stating that he came on them for the purpose of attacking them, he accused his wife Ramya of having an illicit relationship with a man named Rakesh Reddy and that both of them were in love.

A few days ago, it was alleged that the wife was having an affair with a Muslim car driver, but now the name of a new person named Rakesh Reddy has become a topic of discussion. However, it was recorded in the videos that even when Naresh was leaving, Ramya was whistling to Raghupathi and behaving like you can’t do anything.

Currently, there is a lot of hot discussion on this topic. It remains to be seen how many more twists and turns this affair will take in the coming days. Ramya Raghupathi also accused Naresh Gunn of threatening to divorce her. But it is known that both Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh have released videos saying that she is doing all this for money.

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