Aamir Khan say something intreseting about giving up alcohol, says ‘I would down the entire bottle at times’

Aamir Khan .. No special introduction is required about this actor who is known as Mr. Perfect in Bollywood. Emerging as a top hero in the Hindi film industry, he has a large fan base in Telugu as well. Aamir Khan, who greeted fans with his film ‘Thugs of Hindustan’ four years ago, will soon be coming as Laal Singh Chaddha.

Tollywood hero Nagachaitanya is playing a key role in this. The film is set to release on August 11 this year. Meanwhile, Aamir Khan has recently entered the 57th spring. On this occasion he shared many interesting things related to his professional and personal life. These comments have now gone viral.

‘I used to drink‌. But only occasionally. Some people take two pegs. Others drink frequently. But I do drink occasionally.i am the one who finishes the whole bottle while sitting down to drink. Why it did not seem correct. I did not really like the fact that we were losing control of ourselves. That is why I have decided never to take drugs again, “said Aamir. He is a top hero who has made interesting comments on his recent marriage and divorce and has been in the news. ‘I was 18 when I joined the film industry. I learned a lot of things and wanted to do a lot.

However I was not able to do what was expected. Now my parents, my siblings, my first wife Reena, her parents, second wife Kiran, her parents, my children are all very close to me. Occasionally I feel like I can not give them enough time, “said Amir.

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